The Ship

Headlong, hardly fearless

All engines churning

Violent fervor shoveling coal, desperately

Refusing to look up to SEE the sooty air

Only one PURPOSE, one NEED

Cacophony of screeching, twisted metal

STRANDED on a shallow bed of stone, captain drunk and oblivious

She rocks, violently at first

But the rocking calms

Her crew is loyal and hearty

Hell-bent, they patch her

Covered in the soot they now see all over themselves

With the pace of a chess-master, she is gradually repaired and towed from the wreck, into open sea

Rusted patches stain her bow and stern

Unable to completely keep out the water, they do well enough to keep her afloat, steadfast crew ever bailing out the water that seeps in

She sails ahead, strong and weathered

Battered, but still proud

The wind will catch her stacks and pitch her now and again but she rights herself, still true, and steams on

The passion of the crew slowly intensifying, but cautious

They shovel steady but not frenzied.

Ever aware now, of all that surrounds them