Hey, You

Hello, friend. Last week was Thanksgiving, and today is my birthday, so I’ve been caught up in the festivities, but I do have something short and sweet to share with you this week.

I thought it was shameful to enjoy my birthday after 30, then 40. I am now 47 and have decided that I will celebrate and enjoy every birthday that I am lucky enough to be gifted because none are guaranteed. I want you to do the same. We should celebrate every day we wake up alive and well for that reason.

If it sounds cliche, I apologize. I am not the first to realize this, and I am so glad I will not be the last. It’s a drum worth banging over and over because the message is important. You are important. Today, you have another chance to fulfill your potential. To do something extraordinary, to make the world better.

Call your mother (sister, brother, friend, cousin), hug your children, smile at a stranger, write the first page, take a walk, start using that language app. Celebrate the miracle of your life by doing the thing you’ve been putting off today. You are too precious to waste.

Thank you for being here. Have the best day ever.

Author: Mandy

Your basic American primate, searching for magic and meaning.

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