Life is Music

I’m consistently awed and inspired by the reflection of the human condition and the experience or matter in the world outside of us. The cells within the human body as prolific as the stars in the universe, neurons to galaxies, the shapes and patterns that repeat themselves across all nature are endless and fascinating.

One of my favorite things in life music. This phenomenon of concerted sound and its seemingly supernatural power is undeniable. With the right notes or chords, you can evoke sadness, fear, happiness, longing—all without words. Rhythm is ingrained in us and can compel us to move with it. From the cradle, we are affected. If you have a proclivity for singing, you’ve likely experienced the satisfaction and elation of harmonizing. It’s a powerful sensation, even to the listener but more so when you are participating.

These sounds and vibrations stolen from the world around us then recreated and repurposed with instruments and voices are an integral part of our everyday lives in Western culture. It is in the television and films we watch, on our radios, and always playing in the background where you shop or eat. It is the backdrop of most weddings and funerals. A song can be an entire journey or a single expression.

Depending on our culture, we learn which sounds are scary or brooding and which are lively and bright. Imagine watching a movie without music to build suspense or intensify the startling moments. Imagine no sad songs to console you after a heartbreak. A parade without the sound of a marching band.

There is a clear parallel between life and music to me. Each needs many vibrations and notes to make it full and complete. The sadness and the triumph, the ebb and flow. Every chord and beat a piece of the larger whole. What a boring world it would be with nothing but happy melodies all the time. What a tragedy with only melancholy sounds and slow tempos. What a strain if only hard and heavy music existed. We need the bouquet of sound and experience to make a song. A life.

Author: Mandy

Your basic American primate, searching for magic and meaning.

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