We Need You

I was only just struck by the profundity of this statement. I have understood that we are all connected and made of a collective consciousness. Call it God or the Universe; there is a driver that is also the tapestry we are all woven into. It is the world, the energy, and us.

Everyone is born into this weave with the potential for purpose. The impact of that purpose is a sliding scale depending on a million variables, but whether large or small, it is essential to do the best we can with what we have to fulfill our purpose to the fullest extent. Making art, sharing knowledge, being kind, and evoking radical and needed change are all things worth striving for. They only become more prevalent or possible when everyone does what they can to advance them.

I’ve always worked towards something, at least in spurts. Most of us do. I’ve felt the crushing disappointment of not hitting the mark and the delight of crushing it. Between those things, I’ve felt the emptiness and paralysis of not trying, and that is, by far, the worst.

It is heartbreaking that many of us feel so overwhelmed by life or terrified of failure that we never experience our potential. When we tell someone struggling with mental health issues, “We need you,” we mean that they are part of us. They have something inside of themselves that can improve the “We.” Imagine if each individual put themselves out there and committed to finding their potential and executing it. What would this world be like then? How many minds that could have figured out a way to clean our oceans, reverse climate change, cure cancer, and bring governments and other powers to task for corruption have not done so because they were afraid to fail or be criticized? Or worse, because they gave up on life altogether.

Don’t let your voice, talents, and heart go to waste. If your contribution is to bring people to your table to bridge the gaps of racial or political issues or raise wonderful humans for the future, that’s awesome. Do that to the best of your ability, knowing you’ll make some mistakes. The most important thing is not to let them keep you from continuing to try. If you have a message to share with the world, send it and do it often, even if it is only sometimes well-received. Do the work, even when you don’t want to.

The betterment of everything depends on the collective. When one of us levels up, we all do.

We need you.

Author: Mandy

Your basic American primate, searching for magic and meaning.

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